This project won one Silver at the 2022 Pentawards; one Silver and one Shortlist at the 2022 European Design Awards; one Certificate of Award Excellence at the 2022 Communication Arts.

Brand identity, packaging and campaign for GustOsa, e-commerce dedicated to the sale of the best Italian regional food and beverage excellence, produced by small businesses far from mainstream.

Love for raw materials and ingredients, authenticity of flavors, pleasure for sharing and for tales arising around the table are the fundamental brand pillars. GustOsa approached Lateral to create a strong identity that would help the brand stand out in a very crowded marketplace and able to speak the same language as its target audience.

The first step was designing the logo. The customer came to us with a name already containing a strong promise to the consumer: Gust - Osa (in Italian Gusto stands for Taste, Osa means Daring). Our job was to make the dialectic among taste and pleasure to dare in the choice and combination of ingredients, visible.

Secondly, we identified the target and put it at the heart of the brand's narrative, giving it a name and a sense of belonging: with #genteGustOsa we identify people who are always looking for unique ingredients, the perfect audience with whom to create a sincere dialogue. Thus was born the "Welcome Foodies" branding project, developed on different communication channels: e-commerce and Instagram, where the culinary obsessions that distinguish lovers of good food come to life; packaging, with the GustOsa box, a collectible, reusable and sustainable object in four variants; stationary, with its colored papers, stamps and stickers to underline the craftsmanship of GustOsa's products.

Client: GustOsa
Incubator: Brand Revolution Lab & Stratego Group
Project: Welcome Foodies
Activity: Branding, Social, Packaging
Creative Director / Graphic Designer: Francesco Fallisi
Creative Director /Copywriter: Daniela Zuccotti
Creative Director / Packaging Designer: Federica Bello
Graphic Designer: Mariagiulia Braglia
Printing and development - stationary & stickers: Grafical
Printing and development - box: ICO
Printing - apron: Konica Minolta
Tailoring - apron Daniela Piloni
Paper: G.F. Smith Colorplan
Portraits campaign pics: shutterstock, istock
Portrait with apron pic: Stefano Campo Antico
e-commerce pics: Francesco Mamone
Case history pics: Studio 3GK
e-commerce developer: accentra